Thursday, June 01, 2006

June One

One Lick

One Bite



At 4:08 PM, Blogger Sparklite said...

Awe that is so cute!

At 5:47 AM, Blogger Colonel Havoc said...

We love Bunnies that are not ours, but come to visit.

At 5:49 AM, Blogger Sparklite said...

Hi jilb!

In response to your question on my blog: Ah, movies. Well my friend Michael is starting out as a film maker and when she shoots on film (rather than tape or digital) he brings me on to be his D.O.P. (Director of Photography) since I have a lot of experience from my photography background in exposing and working with film. But to answer your question really we make shorts of various types. The one with the pictures I posted on my blog recently is a bit different for us -- we usually do comedies not 'dark action flicks'. We had fun though. The person we had acting as the lead in it really wanted to do a short action movie and we had some film to use up so we thought 'why not?'. :)

Best of all, no animals, including bunnies, are used in the making of our movies!

At 1:01 PM, Blogger the devine one said...

How cute :)


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