Monday, February 13, 2006

I taught Browny how to stand on his hind legs.

I bought them a bunny bed and they seem to enjoy it. But Puppy digs in the bed everytime he's in it. I don't know what he expects to find.

Not sure why but I've wanted to get jumbo coffee mugs ever since we started drinking coffee. Yesterday I found some.


At 11:12 AM, Blogger Kerri said...

Wow. That's a LARGE mug. Are you sure it's not a soup mug...?

At 1:06 PM, Blogger the devine one said...

The first one doesn't look very jumbo. Herberger's/Younker's has a buttload of nice ones, FYI.

I like Browny's trick. I want a bunny.

At 1:36 PM, Blogger Reinman said...

haha, "taught"

At 2:03 PM, Blogger Jilb said...

I don't think it's a soup mug.. could be?

I know the mug on the left is smaller. I did that one purpose so you could see the difference.

Taught.. :)

At 1:43 PM, Blogger JC said...

Lauren and I were looking at your blog and I said "look the bunnies are in dog beds" and she said "becuase they didn't have bunny beds". I personally think it's cool that "Puppy" is in a dog bed! Ok...enough of that.


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