Wednesday, October 26, 2005


I'm hoping to get a camera sometime soon we can capture Browny doing the cute bunny things that he does. Like licking our faces, stretching out to full capacity when we scratch his ears, and running around like a mad bunny.

I brought Browny over to my friend, Jayme's house about 2 weeks ago. Jayme has a 2 month old puppy, named Zoey. Once Zoey realized that there was a bunny in the apartment she started running around like crazy, sniffing Browny, and trying to lick her. Browny doesn't do well with dogs, especially puppies. The only reason that Browny is that close to Zoey in the pic is because Zoey is sleeping. I think Browny realized that he could go and smell her and wouldn't be attacked.


At 12:48 PM, Blogger Colonel Havoc said...

New, this fall on CBS...

"Everybody Loves Browny"

Really, we do...

n their promos, CBS would refer to it as "America's #1 Domesticated Rabbit Drama".

At 1:40 PM, Blogger newsynews said...

Hi Jill,
Happy B-day a couple days late.
We are going to be at rustproof this Friday. Hope to talk to you soon. Cute kitten!

At 4:36 PM, Blogger Jenn said...

Oh man, oh man. I want a bunny. please daddy :')

tootles! :)

At 5:13 PM, Blogger the devine one said...

I love when he licks things!

At 10:34 PM, Blogger chikitaeinstein said...

Thanks for that encouragement, you are so right! Is something going on at your place tomorrow night? Love ya!



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